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||Makoto Tachibana: Glasses||

"...I got a pair of glasses?"

You looked around and saw Rei staring back at you. After a few seconds, you heard a childish laugh from Nagisa and then you were pushed inside the closet. Minutes later, a person was pushed inside, hitting you by accident and was on top of you in a blink of an eye. You groaned as you felt the impact.

"I-I'm so sorry, _____." said the person on top of you gently, before getting off you. You recognized that voice, and blushed at the thought of who that was.

Your crush, Makoto Tachibana. But you wondered, why did he put glasses in the bag?

"A-ah, it's no problem, Makoto. I didn't get that hur- ouch." you rubbed the back of your head gently, and winced when you accidentally touched the place you were hurt the most.

"Are you okay, _____?" asked Makoto, concern laced in his words. You couldn't see through the dark, but you can feel that his hands were finding your face. You could feel that your face was slowly getting warm, so you scooted away from the gentle giant. Makoto felt you getting farther away and he grew worried.

Did you hate him?

"Umm, _____? Do you have any idea how to play this game?" asked the swim-team captain, quietly. You attended a party once, and it had this game as well. You didn't participate in it though, since it was a very embarrassing game.

"Yes, I do. From what I know, you were supposed to confess your feelings for each other? Or you could just talk or do anything..." your cheeks felt a little warmer than you expected when you explained the game to him. You heard Makoto sigh. You were scared if he didn't want to do anything.

"Is that how you play it? Well, here goes.." you looked away from Makoto, but you felt your face being pulled towards him. You couldn't register what was happening, but later, you felt something warm on your lips. You blinked and saw Makoto's lips on yours. His lips were trembling, but it felt just right.

Your lips meshed with his, and it was sweet. Makoto pulled away slowly, and saw you with your cheeks splashed red. He blushed in response and moved away. "I-I'm sorry..I don't know how you feel about me, but I know that I-" You lifted a finger to his lips to quiet him. "It's okay, Makoto...I feel the same way..." you said, shyly.

Olive green eyes smiled at you, and you smiled back. Both of you leaned in for another kiss, but it was disrupted by a certain person who opened the closet door. It was, again, Nagisa.

I guess your 7 minutes were over.

He was holding a camera, and his big smile turned into somewhat of a pout. "Awww, no picture of Mako-chan and _______-chan." he said playfully. Makoto went out of the closet, then held out his hand for you to grab. You held it and went out of the closet after him.

A smirk was passed from Rin, and a nod coming from Haruka. You blushed when you remembered that you told the two of your little crush on their brunette friend. Makoto sat down on the couch, and he let you sit on his lap. He nuzzled his face on your neck playfully, and he got a lock of your hair and twirled it.

"I'm so happy we played that game, ______." said Makoto, smiling at you, then pecked your cheek. You smiled at his small gesture and lay your head on his shoulder. Both of you felt stares from the people around you, but you didn't mind that. You were just happy that your crush returned your feelings.

"Me too..."
Extended Ending:

"Hey Makoto?"

The gentle giant looked your way as he heard his name.

"Yes, ______?"

"Why did you put glasses in the bag? I totally thought that Rei was the one I got." you asked innocently.

Makoto looked away, blushing. He fiddled with his fingers, and then looked back at you.

"I forgot to tell you that I wear glasses too." he said, sheepishly.

You looked at Rei, who was sitting next to you. He looked back at you with a questioning gaze. You smirked then got his glasses. Rei looked shocked, but mostly Makoto.

"_______-chan?! Why did you take Rei's glasses?"

You looked at Makoto, then put on the glasses that you 'got' from Rei. You saw Makoto's cheek turning red.

"Now you wear your glasses."

Makoto sighed, and did as you told. You smiled then moved in closer to him.

"Now we both wear glasses. We're cute!" you said, giggling.

Makoto pecked your cheek. "But you're cuter."

You turned even more red than Rei's glasses.
welp, here goes the first 7 Minutes in Heaven, Free! style fic!
I really hope this is a good start for the series ;w;
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and its characters (c) Masahiro Yokotani; Kyoto Animation
You (c) Makoto Tachibana (Dance) [V1]
Story plot (c) Me!
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