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February 1
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(The title isn't what it seems)

"Hey, remember the flowers I gave you before?"

asked Lukas, a small smile gracing his features. You smiled and giggled in response.

"Yes, of course! Why?"

You cocked your head in curiousity as Lukas glances behind him.

"Luke? What's behind you?"

Lukas chuckled and brought out a flower. 

It was a pear blossom.

Lukas held it out to you, and you reach for it. You then held it daintily, a rush of nostalgia going through you.

"I remember this one!"

You say excitedly, your (e/c) eyes gleamed.

"Do you remember what it means?"

You think about the flower meanings that Lukas had taught you, and you remembered this distinct one. The first one he taught you when you were 7.

"Lasting friendship.."

You whisper. Lukas smiles another small smile ad he brought out a new flower.

"How about this one?"

He says as he gives it to you. You hold the flower up, and its color made you smile.

"Spider lily..."

Lukas nods. 

"And what does it mean?"

You smile as you remember the meaning. 

"Sweetness and returning happiness.."

You say, and you remember that memory when someone had hurt you deeply, and Lukas was there to comfort you. He gave you that flower to say that you were a sweet girl. 

Both of you were 11 then. 

"I see you remember the memory of when I gave you this flower."

says Lukas as he brings out another flower. 

A red daisy.

You smile as you hold it.

"We were 12 when you gave me one.."

You say, blushing slightly.

"You made me blush like a red rose!"

Lukas chuckles as he looks at you. You looked so beautiful.

"Beauty...yes, that's the meaning!"

You exclaim, as Lukas handed you another flower. You smile even more.

A purple lilac. 

Lukas gave you this when you were 15. You didn't even know what it meant before. 

"You made me guess a lot when you gave me this."

You say as you look at Lukas. He looked away, and you swore you saw a hint of a blush there. 

"It meant, first emotion of love, didn't it?"

says Lukas quietly. You laugh before he hands you another one.

A moonflower. 

"You gave me this when we were 16.."

you whisper quietly. Lukas held your hand. 

"It meant that I was dreaming of love.."

he says as he passed a flower to you. All of the flowers he gave you were put on your lap. The next flower made you blush. 

A forget-me-not.

"True love..."

you whisper. Lukas smiles as he squeezes your hand. 

"I gave you this when we were 20, remember?"

You nodded shyly.


Lukas hands you another one, and this one, you don't remember.

"What flower is this?"

you ask, letting go of the flower. Lukas removes his hand from yours, and looks away. 

"A dried white rose."

he says, his eyes looming over yours. 

"It means sorrow..."

Lukas gave you 3 more flowers. You look at them with sad eyes. You don't remember him giving this to you.

"I don't remember you giving this to me..."

Lukas looked at you mournfully. 

"Because you never got it."

He looked at the grave before him, and with a heavy feeling in his heart, he bent down, and set the 3 remaining flowers on it. 

A berrirose, a primrose, and a rainflower. 

"All of these mean the same thing, _____"

he says, tears falling from his eyes. 

"I'll love you forever..."

"I will never forget you..."

Another Norway-shot done! 
I hope you guys like it Kanon Nakagawa (Happy) [V1] 
Hetalia & Norway/Lukas Bondevik (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Lukas Bondevik
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RaMillennia5000 Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
And there i go laughing!! DX I should be crying but I'm laughing!!!
I really liked the story btw!!
oh ouch

Hazuki Nagisa (Happy) [V1] 
I've been stabbed...
DeliciousLittleMirai Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i'm so sorry
Oh, dear :'( Precious, but sad
DoruDesux1 Mar 28, 2014  New member
This is wonderful but sad Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] 
I'm sorry ;w;
DoruDesux1 Mar 30, 2014  New member
It's okay ;u;
This is wonderful! In a sad way.
I really thought this one was gonna be one of those fluffy, happy-ever-after stories. Well done!
*holding in feels like a real (wo)man* A very manly tear just ran down my face
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